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Monarch Manor Childcare

Our goal is simple, to create the most enriching environment possible through informed choices and thoughtful design. Curriculum – Our emergent play-based curriculum is aligned with both the Early Learning for Every Child Today framework as well as the Ontario Kindergarten curriculum through the use of both structured and child-initiated play activities. It allows children to actively explore their environment and the world around them through a process of learning-based play which is key to developing problem solving, language acquisition, literacy, numeracy, and social, physical, and emotional skills.

Propel Dance Centre

Founded in 2010, Propel Dance Centre has become a well recognized dance studio in North Toronto for its approach to learning dance. Students receive a developmentally appropriate experience balanced with creative exploration that expands their horizons. Propel Dance Centre offers an inclusive, body-positive environment where all students can learn and grow in a safe space.

Chair Yoga

Gentle exercise led by Lisa Westman


Toronto Shotokan Karate

The Toronto Dojo is affiliated with Canada Shotokan Karate (CSK), a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching karate as a martial art and karate-do as a way of life. Canada Shotokan Karate is an affiliate of Shotokan Karate of America (SKA), founded in the United States in 1955 by Tsutomu Ohshima, one of Master Gichin Funakoshi's last students.

Thrive Academy

At Thrive Academy, we help children overcome barriers to learning so that they can feel confident and capable at school. Poor timing can impact many activities throughout the school day. We deliver an innovative program that measures and improves a child's timing. If your child is experiencing any of the following, you may want to consider a timing assessment: - Difficulty getting started on homework and other tasks - Slow to grasp new concepts or formulate thoughts - Clumsy or uncoordinated - Trouble getting along with others - Struggles to keep track of or notice the passage of time - Has a hard time understanding oral instructions - Seems overwhelmed by sensory information that doesn't seem to bother others Poor timing can affect almost every area of your child's life. Their struggles can seem overwhelming, but there is hope. Our program is fun, engaging and can quickly produce lasting improvements so that your child can thrive in any environment.

Sparx Studio: Educational Kids Acting Course

Welcome to a new and unique approach to education! Sparx Studio offers fun educational programs that teaches kids acting activities with objectives from the Ontario Curriculum. Each class uses play-based learning and acting techniques to teach students invaluable life skills such as how to deal with bullying, anxiety and public safety. Each class consists of a new educational and fun theme that your children will not only learn from but also have a blast with! The highlight of the course is a group created play that the kids will rehearse throughout the program and then perform for you on the last day of class! Our mission and motivation is to help decrease the growing number of youth mental health issues by teaching significant social-emotional skills through acting! Please visit our website at www.sparxstudiotoronto.com to view our program options at Manor Road United Church or send us an email at info@sparxstudiotoronto.com. We hope to hear from you soon and ignite your child's inner Sparx!

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Delivering quality performing arts training (drama, dance, acting and singing classes) for young people is our goal at Stagecoach Toronto East. All levels of ability are welcome; whether you come for fun or to enhance your talents for further arts training, Stagecoach is the place to gain life skills, build confidence, have fun and make friends. Singing, dancing, acting and drama classes all under one roof!

240 Manor Road East, Toronto, ON, M4S 1R8

416 483 0695


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