You Call this Blessed? – Manor Road United Church You Call this Blessed? – Manor Road United Church

June 25, 2017

You Call this Blessed?

Passage: Matthew 5:1-16
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Bible Text: Matthew 5:1-16

In the Gospel of Matthew, The Sermon on the Mount, including that passage known as the beatitudes (or the beautiful sayings), which we read this morning, appears early in Jesus’ ministry.  Jesus has been baptized, tempted in the wilderness, chosen and called his first disciples, and has begun travelling throughout the region teaching and preaching the Dominion of God, and healing those suffering every kind of affliction.  The wisdom and power of God flows through him touching, inspiring, chastising and healing wherever he goes.  His reputation has spread through the region and people seek him out in large numbers.  They want to see his face, hear the words he speaks—they want be touched and healed —they want their lives to be changed….

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