Poetry by Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea

We are the Herald to mend the broken

We Are God’s People

We are God’s people

I know you by name

Revelation, known,  enlightenment, authority,  miracle, foot of the mountain, wilderness

We are God’s people

My presence will go with you

Human desire, inquiry, yearning, knowledge, quest for God, self-understanding, God in Exodus, self, real, roots, find favour, recognition, God’s character, God identity, human identity, destiny

We are God’s people

The word of God sounded forth from you

Personal, encounter, expectations, give thanks, advent, remembering, labour of love, creator, heaven, earth, turned to God, living God, service, free humanity, faith,  hope, love

We are God’s people

Teach the way of God

Difficult, nature, relation, obedience, to the state, to God, civil religion, ethos, politics, Jesus, coalition of surrogates, name truth, tribute Caesar vs God

We are God’s people

Give to God the things that are God’s

Conscience, tapped, rendering, silent, face of Wars, torture,  marriage for all, choice of women marijuana now, what to expect, actions of justice,  faith in action, called to humanity

We are God’s people

We are the people, God knows us by name. Called to kick ass today.

We Are the Grace

We are the Grace

Be the open door, the porch at the Manor

God is bringing you

Good land, flowing, springs, waters, hills and valleys

We are the Grace

God leads through the wilderness

Land of olives and honey, stones are iron, eat, take care, keep commandments, eat, build,

Through wilderness, remember God

We are the Grace

Sow bountifully, reap abundance

Sparingly, bountifully, give, mind, compulsion, cheer, give, blessings, share, work, with poor, scatters, generosity, thanksgiving, render, testing, grace

We are the Grace

Jesus, have mercy on us

On the way, region between lepers, keeping their distance, mercy, go and show, made clean, praise God, get up and go

We are the Grace

Get up and go on your way

And he was Samaritan, the unlikely, the chosen to be, The return, your faith made well

We are the Grace

We are the Grace. Be the open door, the porch at the Manor.

We Are the Sabbath

The year was 2011. 60 on Pilgrimage, three Sabbath  Friday, Saturday and Sunday

God Spoke these words

Challenge, commands, preach the commandments, preach the gospel, do not engage in war, your sins are forgiven, proclamation, risk, courage YES

We are the Sabbath

Remember the Sabbath

Attitude, commands, forgive, command, radical, heart of good news, name mangled human nature,seek God’s healing

We are the Sabbath

Become like Christ

Reflection, life, transforming, Saul to Paul, observance,gift of the Torah, conversion, before and after, take on, liberation, freedom, partners, with creator  of the universe, covenant

We are the Sabbath

Listen to another parable

Parable, guiding, reflection, unlock, unhinder, the reign of Christ

We are the Sabbath

The Stone has become the chief cornerstone

The stone, build up, removes pride, prejudice, sin, selfishness, greed, guilt, equip us with love, peace, patience,  kindness, generosity,  faithfulness, self control, “The world you desire comes not by chance but by change.

Strive to live together, peace

We are the Sabbath

We Are the Water

I remember a 20 km cattle drive in the month of July, all we had was a Canteen of warm water, it was delicious

Give us water

Is God with us? Read in the bible, experience, in the desert. Are we alone?

We are the Water

Strike the Rock

People made demands of Moses, out in the desert,  beyond the wilderness, no water in sight, give us water to drink! We feel so abandoned or alone or despondent, we find God beside us.
We are the Water

Make my joy complete

Speak the intensity, testing in extremes, strategy, communicate with urgency, kenotic, participation in the spirit, consolation from love, fellowship, compassion, sympathy, koinonia.

We are the Water

Go in the work today.

Seek to understand, enter the city on a donkey the day before, the temple the centre of religious life.

We are the Water

Going into the kingdom

Engaging Jesus,  identity, call to faith, bear witness to Jesus, call us to join the people at the edge

We are the Water

We are the water of courage.

We Are the Bread

Learned to make bread from scratch in Grade 6 Home Economics Class

It starts with yeast/ then Harrington Harbour

I am going to rain bread from heaven

God Provides for needs., Manna Is Not Enough, grumbling,  complained,  lamented,  God’s deliverance,  freedom from fleshpots,  fill of bread

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

The Lord heard your complaining

Fleshpots, liberated, relationship with God,  griper,  murmurings,  rain bread,  gather for the day,  6th day, 7th day the Sabbath day,  fill of bread in the morning,  salvation in the Exodus,  manna, glory of God

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel

Eager expectation,  hope,  exalted body – soma,  hope for heaven,  comfort,  flesh,  fruitful labour, freedom

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

The usual daily wage

Early workers, left everything, follow, converts, relationship to Israel, perennial struggle,  lions share of God’s work, carry the weight,  what kind of God,  same reward

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

The last will be first

Work, out of work,  inferior, waited all day,  long hours of work, demanding jobs, secure necessities of life,  complaint of the day long workers, made them equal, God’s new order, unmaksing and envisioning, create possibility something new

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

We are the bread, of hope.

We Are the Hand

Palm touching palm,  We are the Hand

The Angel of God was going before them

Escape, great promise, take on the world, prepared, emerge, encamped, surrounded, on the brink, way of faith

We are the Hand

Moses stretched out his hand over the sea

Alone, self-determined, the story, deliverance, harden hearts, purpose,  reveal, humanity, presence

We are the Hand

God welcomes all

Judgement, weak, strong, pivotal, protects, fellowship, controversy, issues, passionate, confused, uniting

We are the Hand

How often should I forgive?

Theological,  nature of God,  time to forgive,  servant,  brewing,  perennial,  quest, Forgive always

We are the Hand

Forgive seventy seven times

Story, shock, startle, awakens, consequence,  gratitude, ridiculous, turn on, perspective of grace

We are the Hand

We Are the Day

The Lord Said to Miriam and Moses

Miracle, Exodus, God looked, God noticed, liberation, take action, crying oppressed, God Listens, set free.

We are the day

This Month shall mark the beginning of months

Groaning, proving, Moses,  shepherd,  keeping,  flock, rebellion, guide, slavery no more, confront power

We are the day

Owe no one anything, except to love one another

Owe love, Agape-Love of the other for the sake of God, identity, love defines attitude, love has two feet, love God, love neighbour, God has become the neighbour

We are the day

Listen to every word that you speak to each other

Jesus, life in the church, lead as a child, serve, boundless forbearance, forgive, nature of church, welcome me, welcome a child, each member, great value

We are the day

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

Forgive, teaching, restore, repent, reconcile, power, bind,  loose, care, divine identity, sense of Call, seek to care

We are the day

We Are the Fire

The Angel appeared in a flamer of fire

Miracle, Exodus, God looked, God took notice, God saw,  oppression,  suffering, God, Liberation

God observation,  Construction,  Moses, Action, Moses was groaning, slavery,  oppressed,  crying out to God, God set them free

We are the fire

The place on which you are standing is holy ground

Groaning,  providing, experience, shepherd, keeping, flock, rebellion,  Pharoah’s army, constructs of power, search for the God Mountain, led flock, hinder part,  Moses goes on pilgrimage,  warning sign, shepherding, seeking guidance

We are the fire

Let love be genuine

Ekklesia, community,  called out,  set apart,  mission, relation to the world,  narrative, way of living,  inner life, surrounding world

We are the fire

Jesus went to Jerusalem

the cross,  from that time on,  martyrdom,  misunderstanding,  confession, redeem,  climax, hope

We are the fire

For those who lose their life will find it

Transition, from that time on, dependent,  embarks, long journey,  passion,  launches suffering,  divine idenitity, fulfill divine missions,  nature or mission of Christ

We are the fire

We Are the Midwives

Call the midwives

Opening, exodus, potent, portents, people, chosen, relationship, become a nation, midwives, Shiprah and Puah, baby Moses, preserving life, set free

We are the Midwives

The Midwives feared God

Threat, king does not know, Joseph saved Egypt from famine, bearer of the God spirit, Joseph was great now forgotten, weak king, shallow leadership, strength is in retelling the heritage, equal footing, the king rejects God, panic, live under duress, force to be reckoned

We are the Midwives

Be the living sacrifice

Apostle, teacher, confession, voice, nature, life and death challenge, voice of faith, community, faith in action

We are the Midwives

Blessed are you

Peter, affirmation, foreshadow, prophet, Jesus, who am I? Messiah, teacher, son of David, Samaritan, other and us and all, woman at the well, today

We are the Midwives

I will give you the Keys of the Kingdom

Identity, authority, preaching, divine, revelation, binding, loosing, interpret, understand, wrestle with truth,  faith meets the world, tell no one, tell all

We are the Midwives


We Are the Preservers

We are the preservers

God sent me before you to preserve

The story, betrayal,  surprise, forgiveness/ tears/ shame/ open future

We are the preservers

 Joseph wept

Forgiveness, welcoming words, promise, new life, tears of joy, healing for the weary eye, promise of life and love

We are the preservers

The gifts and calling of God are here

Power, separate, together, chosen, new covenant

We are the preservers

 Listen and understand

The man born to be the promise, deliverance, silent words, God’s mercy

We are the preservers

 Let if be done for you as wish

Language, affirmation, humanity, radical grace, voice, inside the story, our story, truth

We are the preservers

dream boat 2

Here Comes the Dreamer

Seeking the dreamer

Origin, land of Canaan,  wandering, wilderness, destination, consequences, envy, roots, Joseph, hatred comes, shepherd, long robe, favoured status, dreams, bowing to the ground

Go now and see if all is well

Misery, offering, consequence, fugitive, wanderer on the earth, prohibited, violence, envy, desire, possessions, talents, violence, favoured position, unfair, purpose of God, envy, rebellion, Lord of the universe, God’s economy


The Word is near you, on your lips and in your heart

Wrestling with fate, Christ is the fulfillment of the law,reconcile us to God, uniting us with God.


Get into the Boat

God’s deliverance through waters, he came walking toward them on the sea, appearance of Jesus, in the storm


Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.

Lord save me, Jesus reached out his hand, why did Peter doubt?, a little faith is all that is needed, to transform/ terror becomes courage on the way


We Are the Wrestlers

We are the wrestlers

Wrestling with thought, life, day and night

Jacob wrestled till daybreak

Forgiveness, rehabilitation, crossing, a challenging river, nature of blessing,11 children, Leah and Rachel, wrestling with the road

We are the wrestlers

You have striven with God

Capitulates, violence, persistence, draw near to God, slake a thirst, compelling, restoration community, running toward his brother and weeping, gift of grace, baptism of desire divine recognition

We are the wrestler

I am speaking the truth in Christ

Paul’s existential struggles, steadfast mercy of God, reconciliation with God

We are the wrestlers

He withdrew from there in a boat

Miracle to gladden, trick with bread, spiritual power, hungry crowd, stranded, lonely are fed, craving for Christ, meal for the masses stones into bread

We are the wrestlers

He blessed and broke the loaves

Think nothing, yet possibilities are infinite, look up to heaven, give them something to eat, powerless no more, redemptive drama, teaching and miracle, Jesus story is the grand story.

 We are the wrestlers

We Are the Guarantee

We are the Guarantee

I will serve you seven years

Appears, journey, fleeing, threat, travelling, pivotal, encounters, birth, tribes of Israel

We are the Guarantee

Jacob loved Rachel

Treachery, failure, human plans, providence, narrative, affirmation, divine message, bethel, omnipotence, reversals, fortune’s, power, human love, reveal, God love

We are the Guarantee

The Spirit helps us in our weakness

Debtors, account, live,hope, hiddenness, relieve suffering, wait, patience, weight, salvation, for knowledge, calling,  response, action, living compassion

We are the Guarantee

The kingdom is like a net

Subversion, sorting, sorting, fish, God’s empire, mustard seed, preparation, fermenting, heaven, within the world

We are the Guarantee

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls

Mustard seed, invades, soil, boundaries, something new, hidden within, give church, chance

We are the Guarantee

We Are the Ladder

We are the Ladder,

The angels were ascending and descending

Promise, rock for a pillow, awakes, fathers and mothers, standing above the ladder, God is at the top and bottom of the ladder, heaven and earth, theophany’s, meet at the top

We are the Ladder,

all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.

Dwells in you, spirituality unleashed, mysticism, seek unity, transcend, ill fated Icarus, fixing the spirit life

We are the Ladder,

When do the weeds come in

Seed, sown, disciples, challenges of planting,  the enemy, ecclesiology, anthropology

We are the Ladder,

Let anyone with ears listen

We are the ladder

Mixture of weeds, growing together, judgement at the end of time,  good and evil, faith and faithfulness, look at the hurting and impatient world, God’s realm completed, this realm thriving in us

We are the Ladder.

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