Music at MRUC

Music is a vital part of the Manor Road spiritual community. Our Music Director, Tom Marcaccini, is extraordinarily gifted in deepening and enriching the day’s message through instrumental music, congregational song, and choral and other vocal offerings.

Children’s Music

This is a chance for the younger members of our community to join together in song. The children sing during worship 2 – 3 times during the year, and rehearse in their own worship space in advance of each presentation. Contact Allison at for more information.

Senior Choir

For adult singers of all vocal ranges, the Senior Choir provides regular opportunities for members to explore various musical expressions of the Spirit in worship. The Senior Choir develops their musical skills while rehearsing once a week from early September through mid-June, as well as prior to Sunday morning worship on the Sundays in which there is an anthem (several times a year). They support congregational singing, and along with soloists and other musicians, provide inspiring music for worship.​ Contact our music director, Tom, at for more details.

Handbell Choir

MRUC is always looking for new members! No previous experience is necessary and instruction on Handbell technique will be provided. Contact our music director, Tom, at for more details.

The Bronze Foundation

“The Bronze Foundation is Greater Toronto’s auditioned community handbell choir. The group aims for a high level of concert performance of a wide range of handbell repertoire. It gives advanced level ringers the opportunity to grow together, to challenge themselves and each other, and to share their love of handbells and handbell music with concert audiences “throughout Ontario.” See MRUC members perform!


Our Worship Band, named “Cornerstone,” supports congregational singing through instrumental accompaniment and solos. They include contemporary as well as traditional worship music in our regular Sunday morning service. Cornerstone is a collection of dynamic and talented musicians from our community. They lead us on instruments including piano, guitar, bass guitar, and violin. Guest musicians throughout the year include a harpist and trumpet. The Worship Band rehearses once a week, as well as prior to Sunday morning worship. Contact our music director, Tom, at for more details.

Music @ the Manor, Sacred Songs from the Heart

An evening of wonderful music played live by our own Cornerstone band featuring Tom Marcaccini, Allison Marcaccini, Alex Seretis, Mike Russell, and Ann Piper. Listen here.

Love Belongs to Everyone by Mike Russell

“Dance in the sunshine, be where you belong. Under the rainbow, no one has to hide.” Visit

Eastender by Mike Russell

This song is a nod to the working poor of east-end Toronto, past and present, inspired by my own memories of growing up in the neighbourhood known as Leslieville. So many people working so hard to eke out a living, making the best of what they had and rejoicing in simple pleasures their lives offered them – like strumming an old guitar. And by combining those simple rewards with hope for the future through their children, many found a level of contentment. I am grateful for my modest roots and I wouldn’t want to have grown up anywhere else. Visit

Echoes by Mike Russell

Another beautiful song, “Echoes” by Mike Russell.
Visit for more of Mike’s music.

River Rouge by Mike Russell

Listen to Mike’s Russell’s song “River Rouge” about the father and son experience fishing in the Rouge River in Toronto. Visit for more of Mike’s music.

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