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What is Truth?

Passage: John 18: 28 – 40
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Bible Text: John 18: 28 – 40

On June 5th, 1989 photographs and video were taken of a thin young man in a white shirt and black pants. He is holding a white plastic bag in each hand.  He is standing in the middle of a road.  It is the day after a violent and deadly government crackdown against student protesters rallying against increasingly oppressive and brutal Chinese government policies and actions. In the video, the young man stands resolute, facing the first in a column of tanks moving towards Tienanmen Square in Beijing.  The tanks come to a halt one by one, and there is a face-off lasting for several minutes during which the tank tries to maneuver around the young man, who calmly moves block it’s procession at every attempt.  Finally someone emerges from the crowd and pulls him out of the way. Tienanmen Square means “The Gate of Heavenly Peace.”

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