“Water, Water Everywhere” live with Dr. JJ – Manor Road United Church “Water, Water Everywhere” live with Dr. JJ – Manor Road United Church

May 9, 2021

“Water, Water Everywhere” live with Dr. JJ

Passage: Acts 10:44-48 • 1 John 5:1-6 • John 15:9-17
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6th  Sunday after Easter, Sunday May 9, 2021

 “Water, Water Everywhere”  ,  240 Manor Road East  Christian Family Sunday

With The Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea , the Music of Tom Marcaccini, the Cornerstone Band

Kids @ The Manor/ Youth @ the Manor Allison Marcaccini,

Seniors@ the Manor www.Manorroadunitedchurch.com

Acts 10:44-48  •  1 John 5:1-6  • John 15:9-17

We are the water, the water of Harrington Harbour, the Saskatchewan River, the Jordan Valley,

The tale of Cudmore Creek.

They heard the word, the spirit fell, interrupted, preached, and mediated.  They heard the word proclaimed, circle of day dawning, lifting voices.

They heard the word, the water for baptizing, Peter’s vision, smorgasbord, beyond law, custom, vision, voice, God made clean.

They heard, we love the children of God.

They heard interweaving of faith, love, boundaries broken, holism, love world indent in Christ.

They love bound to believe, confront the thorns, love each other.

They heard, this is my commandment.

All you need is love. Can’t we just get along. Love is gift from God, shut and open.

Lay down one’s life for friends.

Servant’s of everything made known, dignity, commitment affection.

The story, community, our present lives. I choose life, joy, friendship.

We are chosen, the water people

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