“Seraphim: Here I Am, Send Me” live with Dr. JJ – Manor Road United Church “Seraphim: Here I Am, Send Me” live with Dr. JJ – Manor Road United Church

May 23, 2021

“Seraphim: Here I Am, Send Me” live with Dr. JJ

Passage: • Isaiah 6:1-8 • Romans 8:12-17 • John 3:1-17
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Pentecost , Sunday May 30, 2021

 “Seraphim: Here I am, Send Me ”  ,  240 Manor Road East  Trinity Sunday, First Sunday After Pentecost

With The Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea , the Music of Tom Marcaccini, the Cornerstone Band

Kids @ The Manor/ Youth @ the Manor Allison Marcaccini,

Seniors@ the Manor www.Manorroadunitedchurch.com


Isaiah 6:1-8Romans 8:12-17  • John 3:1-17

We are the seraphim.When have seen an angel?

A witness, Testimony

I remember arriving in  Carlingford, The oyster whisperer, the leprechaun whisperer

The White Witch whisperer.

Seraphs were in attendance, the six winged angels. Witness to Isaiah, temple, vision, passage, trinity. Authority meets mystery. The holy, sanctuary, the power of three.

Whom shall I send, understand, confess, power of three, rival, divide,belief.

The spirit bearing witness, wondferful, promise, children, deities, future, discover, communicate, needy people.

Nicodemus came to Jesus by night. In the cover of night, there is secret, fear, admiration, Jesus, progress intrigue. For God so loved the world. Source of life, roots, birth, seeds. Embrace the wind, new eyes. Kingdom of communion, giving of life. Giving reality, life eternal.

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