“Searching for the Thread” - Manor Road United Church “Searching for the Thread” - Manor Road United Church

September 17, 2017

“Searching for the Thread”

Passage: Gen 22: 1-15 Ps 12 John 1:6-15
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As time passed, this was one of the things that differentiated the ancient Hebrews from their neighbours. Eventually, of course, we came to hear of the ‘dedication’ of their first born to God--as a living being-- a sacrifice of a different nature altogether. Much later, of course, Paul, in his letter to the Romans, would speak of the offering of our own lives as living sacrifices to God.

Even so, earlier this week, I sent a note to a couple of colleagues saying …. “YIKES! WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING WITH THE STORY OF THE BINDING OF ISAAC?”

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