Reflections on Exodus 2:23-35; 3:10-15; 4:10-17 (Moses)

October 1, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Exodus 2:23-35; 3:10-15; 4:10-17 |

The cries of the broken, wounded, and oppressed of our world still rise up to God today. We hear their voices too. We hear their voices when we turn on and tune in to the news.  We hear their voices when we walk down our city streets.  We hear their voices echoing in our minds as we imagine the suffering of those we hear and read about, or those we pass along the way, calling out, “I’m homeless. I’m hungry.  Can you spare a little change?” Please.”

I believe that God hears their voices.  But, who is this God who hears, and remembers?  Who is this God who takes notice?  And how does God act in the world to heal and restore the broken-hearted… the broken in body… those who seemingly have lost ‘everything,’ except, perhaps life itself? ...

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