2021 Sermons

“The Return”

December 26, 2021 

We are the return, home, to being human, with grits and grace and open hearts. We are the young Samuel, growing gift from God, in service and pilgrimage of blessing, given to God. Children grow into great prophet tribes to unite, in grand solemn, to listen for a God word. Clothe with compassion, Sanctify, spirit and life. Mothers treasure in the heart, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, dream to serve. Jesus wisdom, authority divine human, Jewish, temple teacher, the Sophia Child. The return to love.

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“A Child Is Born”

December 24, 2021

We are born, the first time, born today, the renaissance of hope. Now it the time take our stand, hear the word, a shoot shall come, with justice for the poor, the wolf befriends the lamb. Stand and shepherd, the word becomes flesh, in the wilderness voice and the Gabriel shout. Do not be afraid, Jesus is born, to the shepherd warriors, seek swaddling clothes and manger peace. The word, where is the child, the Magi saw a star, Jesus is born, treasures are open, return home, by another way. Love is born today.

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“She Who Is In Labour”

December 19, 2021

We are in Labour, the midwife, pregnant, ready for birth. We approach Christmas, earth peace, good speak. there is the surprise invasion the hero way. The Bethlehem way, displace, poor tax, land poor. Stand with flock feed oppressed, empty mouths. Hope came into the world. Birth travel, Mary Joseph shame, God law, God fear, wisdom walk, Gabriel Word. Hungry filled, lampoon power, two pregnant women, laugh sing, unwed, manger child, at a roomless inn ready for the bold daring, upside down prepare good news.

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December 12, 2021

We are the restores, to rebuild—bridge makers, locksmiths, light bringers, the healers. We make the prophet journey to yield meaning, find the promise in the suffering, judgement , outcast for the incarnation. Do not fear, aware, wait, political oppression, praise, renown. Mary sings, lift up the lowly, as Jesus nears to our home. We are the restorers to renew, prevail, do not worry, in the trial, share with everyone, the joy in the lord. Make a u-turn, find the expectation, in the infant, belong to God with the mark of Christ. Change, inside out, restore the world today.

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December 5, 2021

We are the east, the sun rising, the new day, the gift of new beginning. The prophet in exile and return to meet conflicts, people and God, judgement, deliver, day of the Lord. Prepare the way, warn, seek honour, notice expectation. Listen for the covenant message, make welcome space, restore, pray with joy the Christ work. The voice crying in the wilderness, word flesh, wasteland, mediator, valley exalted, hill made low. The Baptist John voice, good news, hope now!

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November 21, 2021

We are the word, the welcome, the bon voyage, God be with you. The word of Hannah’s prayer, human words to heal and sing, weather storm at the edge of pain, embody strength, to extend the open hand. The spirit speaks the God word through us, to occupy space, confront the raw covenant, keep the eye on the ball of the cornerstone. That is the God light in the morning, the chosen threads of kingdom reign, alpha, omega, God is here. We are made to be kingdom, in present of the good, the bad, the ugly, the blessed, to see truth, listen to the Christ voice in the Samaritan encounter, belong, authentic invite to abundant life.

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November 14, 2021

We are the rising, we occupy, the space, in the crowd, of the prophet story. It is ground work for the identity; the humble roots that urge us to rise up, confront despair, in these turbulent times we find the rising hope to remember Hannah’s story. She is the meaning maker with iconic sensitivity, to be God involved with concern for child. Hannah is the want in the barren days to be the promise in God service. Hannah prayed, in aguish, groaning, find the fertile milestone to be the prophet mother. This is covenant; sanctified life, urgent hope. What will be the sign, messiah word, usher cosmic upheaval, for God’s realm? These are the Birth pangs, intense, wrenching, welcome, telos, world challenge, God love, now. Daunting beware God is here!

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Manor Road United Church is on the traditional home of the Huron-Wendat Nation, Metis Nation of Ontario, Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation, Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation and Six Nations of the Grand River. May we be connected to the heartbeat of the Spirit as one.