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Whether you’re an organization or an individual looking for space to rent, Manor Road United Church may be the place for you. If you think we may be the right place to host your group or event, please contact our office administrator at 416-483-0695 or at for more details. Throughout the week, we offer our space for rentals for a number of events. These spaces include the:

  • Sanctuary
  • Kitchen
  • Meeting Room
  • Upper Room


This large space offers the flexibility needed for almost any event. Features include

  • large panel doors that can divide the room in half
  • folding tables and chairs
  • a modern A/V system, including speakers, wireless microphones, and a bright projector
  • WiFi capabilities

There is a piano available with prior notice and permission.  The hourly rate is $100 and there is a 125 person capacity. The sanctuary is 228 square metres (2458 square feet).

Please contact the office at for our weekly tenant rates.


The kitchen of MRUC is recently built and has modern amenities, such as the commercial freezer and dishwasher, open counter-tops, and two ovens.  The hourly rate is $25 and there is a 7 person capacity. The kitchen is 25 square metres (267 square feet).

Please contact the office at for our weekly tenant rates.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is a cozy space, perfect for remote workers or groups looking for a space to gather. WiFi is available, and tables and chairs can be arranged for the room.  The hourly rate is $30 and there is a 15 person capacity.  The meeting room is 27 square metres (298 square feet).

Please contact the office at for our weekly tenant rates.

Upper Room

Located on the upper level of the church, this space is available with tables, chairs, and a carpet. Ideal for small groups.  The hourly rate is $50 and there is a 25 person capacity. The upper room is 55 square metres (293 square feet).

Please contact the office at for our weekly tenant rates.



The Sanctuary, Kitchen, and Meeting Room are all accessible with an indoor lift and have access to single-user washrooms throughout the building. The Upper Room is not accessible by wheelchair. 

Please note that all renters must provide evidence of insurance coverage or purchase it for their event.

Please note for single event renters:

  • A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the fee is required for one-time users.  The deposit is due at the time of booking.  Bookings will not be confirmed until a deposit is received.  The remainder of the owing balance is to be paid on or before the date of the event or when key FOB is released.
  • A security deposit of $250 is required.
  • Custodial services including open and closing the building, operating the lift, putting away chairs and tables and sweeping are available for a $125 fee.
  • The renter is required to have in full force and effect general and third party liability insurance with coverage for any one occurrence or claim not to be less than two million dollars ($2,000,000); property damage insurance; business interruption insurance; insurance for contents against fire and theft; and in which Manor Road United Church and the United Church of Canada is named as an Additional Insured party.  Insurance cost is at the sole cost and expense of the Renter, evidence of insurance is required prior to scheduled event date.
  • Rental users are required to obtain a Special Occasions Permit (SOP) issued through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario on behalf of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (ACGO) if the consumption, service or sale of alcohol is planned for any event.  Evidence of a SOP is required prior to the scheduled event and is to be posted up at the event.  Renter must comply with all ACGO rules, including providing evidence that person(s) with Smart Serve training designated as the person(s) responsible for serving of alcohol.

Having a Party? In Need of Extra Cutlery?

Do you have a party/large gathering coming up?

Are you trying to reduce your one-off plastic usage and environmental footprint where you can?

Manor Road United Church can help you! We are now offering free cutlery loans to environmentally conscious community members who want to help reduce landfill.

Feel free to contact for more details.

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416 483 0695

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