Poetry by Rev. Dr. John Joseph Mastandrea

We are the People

We are the people.

The people, young, older,

Rich, poor, sick, well, black, white, in between,

Nonbinary, gay, lesbian, trans, two spirited, cisgendered,

We are the people.

David remained at Jerusalem

Children of Israel, wandering in the wilderness, liberation from oppression, build relationships, institutions, faithful, sustainable civilization, enduring civilization, economic base, life more than manna, family, nurture, socialize, people can be flawed, seek advantage, matter of status, wealth, affection, transcendent normative references, guide, economic, emotional, and political live.

We are the people.

You have come from a journey.

Hebrews, escaped from Egypt, God, called together, give a new identity, witnesses, author, promised land, peaceful flourishing, just society, the land, many tribes, honour God, land, the Hebrews, citadels, neighbours, divine sanction, once slaves, now warriors, defend their bands, world of war, meeting the balm of peace,

We are the people.

I bow my knees.

Confession, reconciliation, equip, service of God, hope, abundance.

We are the people.

Jesus sat down with the disciples.

Trouble, miracles, feeding, 5000, walk on water, divine identity, nature, author, intend, logos, word of God.

We are the people.

It is I; do not be afraid.

Knowledge, human need, resources, bucket list, weak become strong, power, work, incarnation, human desire, goal for grace.

We are the people.

We are the Name

We are the name.

The name we are known by, that we are given at birth.

A name is our calling card.  They settled in the house

Home is where we get our bearings, where we live, rest our heads, castle, cave, residence, security, stability, spirit, abiding in God.

We are the name.

I will appoint a place for my people.

The most high, human hands, palace, people of God, locks on the door, protect us, home is castle, feel safe, house of worship, cathedral, transcendent words.

We are the name.

Proclaim peace, reconciliation, Christ, participate, death, life, sin, grace, audience, alive in Christ, way of life. Come away to our place and rest.

Emerge, view the world, flow, compassion, witness, healing, life is lived. They crossed over.

We are the name.

Remembrance, façade, public, healing, deliverance, human hunger, outstretched hands, not enough, human finitude, breads of life, food for the journey home.

We are the name

We are the Dancer

We are the dancer

David gathered the chosen

David danced, joy, God’s presence, temple, moving the ark, presence, leap, twirl

They carried the ark

Break out dancing, emotion, express yourself, culture, drum, heartbeat

We are the dancer

Chose us in Christ

Affirmation, human beings, greeting, election,  kingdom of God,  appointed to life, mercy shines forth, native

We are the dancer

It is a prophet

Christians, understand,  grace, foundation, free election, life before we were born, wonderful mercy, salvation of people, native source.

We are the dancer

Give a banquet

Beheading, tragedy, grieving, mending, healing, presence of grace, redeems, groaning, embracing power, fragrance of life, all things new

We are the dancer

We are the Sovereign

We are the sovereign

We are your bone and flesh

Establish, David King, anointed, Israel, Judah, loyal, shepherd boy, voice, people, bond, one of us, eyes, govern

We are the sovereign

You will be shepherd

Appeal, David to be king, shepherd, rule over Israel,  Ascension, God’s promise, covenant

Prayer of Hannah

We are the sovereign

Caught up into paradise

Accept, striking, nature,  demonstrate, radical, foolishness, wisdom

We are the sovereign

He began to teach

Nature of Jesus, source, authority, who is Jesus, spirit realm

We are the sovereign

He sent them out two by two.

Life, identity, Nazareth, preparation, twelve, healing, curing, persist, Christ’s name, assurance, witness

We are the sovereign

We are the Bow

We are the bow.

When all the world is a hopeless jumble and the raindrops tumble all around
Heaven opens a magic lane when all the clouds darken up the skyway
There’s a rainbow highway to be found leading from your windowpane

To a place behind the sun
Just a step beyond the rain

Over the rainbow

We are the bow.

They were swifter than eagles, they were stronger than lions,

Author, death, lift a hand, take a life, immoral, lord’s anointed, lament, personal, speech

We are the bow.

Clothed with crimson

Outcry, nature, loss, glory, slain, survivor, grieve, profound, slain, heroes, fall, vanquished, strong warriors, unbearable, howl, might, fallen, midst of battle, heroes, weapons, in God’s hands.

We are the bow.

Excel also in this generous undertaking

Passage, heart, appeal, pledge, collection, for the poor, charis, grace, koinonia, fellowship, participation, relief work, diakonia, work of grace, act of Christian fellowship, solidarity and love.

We are the bow.

Come lay your hands

Nature of Jesus, created order, realms, source, nature, priorities, relationship, subject, sovereign.

We are the bow

“If I but touch his clothes, I will be made well.”

Saw Jesus, authority, created order, material, obedient faith, priorities, touch, made well

We are the bow.

We are the Champions

We are the champions.

Champion, leader, warrior, changemaker.

Thought leader, maker.

We are the champions.

Let your life prevail.

Story, boy David, giant Goliath, stone, the small, triumph, youngest, champion, combat, challenge, stripling, confidence, warrior.

We are the champions.

I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts.

Read the story, God’s spirit is with David, protect, lead, demonstrate, there is a God.

We are the champions

We urge you to accept the grace of God.

Hazards, look beyond, integrity, reconciliation, righteousness,

We are the champions.

Let us go across to the other side.

Sovereign, nature, authority, created order, the boat, the sleep, the storm, nature.

We are the champions.

He woke up and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!”.

Authority, miracle, faith, calm the sea, into the boat, symbols of power, energy of the storm, exertion.

Queen, We will rock you.

We are the champions

We are the Heart


The love of the other for the sake of God.

The people in our heart centre.

My list: Bill Calkins, mother, sister, brother, Roy, many, many more.

Look on the heart.

Passage, grief, sent, anoint, new king, Samuel, fill the horn with oil, travel, Bethlehem, Jesse’s son.

We are the heart.

Rise and anoint this one.

Prophet, meets our brokenness, our story, brighter future, sovereign, plan, participate, rise, God’s future.

We are the heart.

We walk by faith.

Human weakness, divine glory, power, inner, outer, present, future, transient, eternal, resolution, home, faith, sight, flesh, new creation.

We are the heart.

The Kingdom of God is the scattered seed.

Images, peel, layers, walk, riches, living texts, kingdom, farmer, gardener, make the seed, grow, sleeping gardener, harvest, mustard seed, bush large, nesting birds, shade.

We are the heart.

The smallest seed puts for the largest branches.

Mystery, secret, look, perceive, listen, understand, forgiven, hungry hearts, longing, bread of life, mighty wind, join in the journey.

We are the heart.

We are the Elders

We are the elders.

Mentors in my life, Aunt Mary, Minister, Auntie Mame.

Fr Remi, Sylvia Dunstan, John Lloyd, Stan Mackai, Alf Dumont, Evan Smith, Roy Robson.

Listen to the voice of the people.

Story, request, Samuel, consent, prophetic, vocation, power, select, cry out, dissuade, cry out, anoint.

We are the elders.

Give us a king.

Set the stage, monarchy, community, life of Israel, king, govern, God alone, judges, elders, priests, God’s will, paradigm of Rule.

We are the elders.

Our Inner nature is being renewed.

Narrative, stage, beginning, monarchy, highlight, corrupt, earthly king, govern, elders, priests, God’s will, paradigm, absolute, radical.

We are the elders.

The crowd came together.

Read, drama, discernment, house, eat dinner, frenzied crowd, close to the man, family, bring him home, afraid, kingdom, opaque and open, plunder, message, rejection, relentless, this is my family.

We are the elders.

Whoever does the will of God is my brother and sister and mother.

Name my experience, demonstration, deep south, wrestled, civil rights, way forward, find freedom, conflict.

We are the elders.

We are the Seraphim

When have you seen an angel?

A witness,


I remember arriving in  Carlingford.

The oyster whisperer, the leprechaun whisperer.

The White Witch whisperer.

Seraphs were in attendance.

Isaiah, temple, vision, passage, Trinity, mystery, authority, holy, sanctuary, three persons.

We are the seraphi

Whom shall I send?

Understand, confessing, three persons,  polytheism,  rival, divide, mystery’s, belief.

We are the seraphim.

It is the Spirit bearing witness.

Wonderful, promise, children, deities, future, discover/ communicate, needy people.

We are the seraphim.

Nicodemus came to Jesus by night.

Nicodemus, one night, Pharisees,  secret, fear, admirer, Jesus,  progress intrigue.

We are the seraphim.

For God so loved the world.

Towering trees, source of life, roots, birth, seeds, roots, embrace, the wind, new, eyes, kingdom of communion, giving of life, giver,  living, reality, life eternal.

We are the seraphim.

We are the Fire

We are the fire.

Ignition control, firestarter.

The hand of the Lord.

Israel’s prophets, Ezekiel, source of hope. exiled, Egypt, Babylon, fall of the kingdom Judah, destruction, Jerusalem, the temple, vision, led, spirit.

We are the fire.

Come from the four winds.

Delivers, prophecy, bones, lo, behold, divine, command, breath, minds eye, mission, faithful love, valley of bones.

We are the fire.

Tongues of fire appeared.

Birthday, church, empower, devout, all  nations, language, speak, promise, receive power, visions, prophesy, all ages.

We are the fire.

When the advocate comes.

Promise, collision, love, hatred, chosen, lay down life, abide, God love, confront.

We are the fire.

I still have many things to say to you.

Science, aware, rational, revelation, way, truth, paraclete, truth, grace, beauty, life.

Guide, presence, glory.

We are the fire.

We are the Map

We are the map.



Look for the signs, over the hill, around the corner.

Restore the Kingdom.

The bridge, excellent, patron, standing, community, endorse, chosen, teach.

We are the map.

Wait for the promise.

Narration, link, cry out, agency, source, possible, kingdom, promise.

We are the map.

I have heard of your faith.

Thanksgiving, announces, order, knowledge, authorities, the world, unfolding, revelation, revolution, gift, presence, prayer, action, reveal.

We are the map.

These are my words.

Vault, symbol, chi rohos, solemn, symbols, ascension, perspective.

We are the map.

You have been clothed with power.

Bang, ceaseless, blessing, confront bitter, resist, persecution, stormy seas, hardships, blessing, empower, celebrate, eternal benediction.

We are the map.

We are the Water

We are the water.

The water of Harrington Harbour,

The water of Saskatchewan,

The water of the Jordan,

The water Cudmore Creek,

We are the water.

Heard the word.

Gentile, holy spirit, fell, Jerusalem, interrupt, preaching, mediate, proclaimed, circle, day dawns, lift their voices.

We are the water.

The water for baptizing.

Peters’ vision, smorgasbord, beyond the law, custom, vision, voice, God made clean.

We are the water.

We love the children of God.

Interweaving of faith, love, boundaries, holism, love, world, identity of Christ.

Love, bound to believing, thorny specifics, love each other.

We are the water.

This is my commandment.

All you need is love, can’t we just get along, love is gift from God, love is ambiguous and assertive.

We are the water.

Lay down one’s life for friends.

I do not call your servants, everything made known, leave, dignity, commitment, affection.

The story, the community, our present lives, I choose you, life, joy, friendship chosen

We are the water.

We are the Road

We are the road.

We were travelling the road to Hebron.

The place of the Ancient Kings of Judah.

The road to adventure.

The road to home.

The Angel spoke, “Get up and go”.

Spirit of God, act, teach, messenger, get, go, the south,  runs, chariot, treasury, understand, read aloud.

We are the road.

They were going along the road.

Ethiopian, identity, time, Solomon, Queen of Sheba,  nature, in light, dichotomies, us, them, all.

We are the road.

Love is from God.

Begin, in love, perfected, through love, return to love, God is love, hunger to possess.

We are the road.

I am the true vine.

Doctrines, fruits, essential,  discipleship, fruit bearing activity, church, something we are part of, living community, each branch, planted, creator.

The Word abides in you.

Jesus calls, because we are, I am, do good works,  bear fruit, vine, community. Mission, love in action,  radical presence,

We are the road.

We are the Key

We are the key.

The password, the keys, lost, found.

Pray to Saint Anthony, the password is:

Jesus is the stone.

Peter’s audience, apostleship,  Roman Empire crucified Christ, repentance, preaches repent, denial, oppression, fear, denial,  messiah, power of life.

We are the key.

By the power you do this.

Oppressed people of Israel, leaders, civil rights movement, transformation.

We are the key.

God’s love abides.

Love is known, in action, in our heart, sacrifice, test of love, truth.

We are the key.

I am the good shepherd.

Good shepherd, sheep, the voice,  in sheep,  other sheep, I am.

We are the key

I lay down my life.

Gathering, the flock,  provide space, welcome,  grace,  mercy,  surrender, alienation, invitation.

We are the key.

We are the Village

We are the village

I remember the first village that I entered as child, the village of Islington in Etobicoke

Village means “inhabited place larger than a hamlet but smaller than a town”, from Old French village “houses and other buildings in a group” 

Go Into the village

Jesus movement, destiny, tradition, messiahship, ride into Jerusalem, invites, triumphal entry, meet a violent death, challenge, opponents, letting go, will of God, things to come, in the village

We are the village

Blessed is the Coming Kingdom of David

Irony, telling the story, reader, hearer, enters Jerusalem, last time, this is the road, road to death, ears to hear

We are the village

Living in the world, attention, questions, answers, hand shortened, power to deliver, bold, God’s hand grows, power to deliver, vindicate

He humbled himself

The same mind, Christ hymn, portrait, imitate, Kenosis, self-emptying, humiliation, exaltation, who is Jesus, Christ life, nature and call of the Church

We are the village

“Listen, he is calling for Elijah.”

Tale of sorrow, power to disrupt our lives, transform our hearts, Jesus death, not the end, discern, meaning, my God my God why have you forsaken me, into your hands, commend, it is finished

We are the village

Sit here while I pray

Proclaim, the story is the focus, language, image, door way, holy week, open’s people’s ears, resonate, deepen

We are the village

We are Jerusalem

We are Jerusalem

The days are coming

New covenant, good news, written on the hearts, perfect love, give assurance

We are Jerusalem

I will write it on their hearts

Renewed, moral consciousness, grace, view of God, liberates, redeems

We are Jerusalem

He became the source

Jesus is the anointed one, Christ’s work, Priest and King.

We are Jerusalem

The hour has come raising of Lazarus, Mary anointing Jesus’ feet

We are Jerusalem

I will draw all people

Non violent, draws all humanity

We are Jerusalem

We are the Eyes

We are the eyes.

We see the first time. In the season we witness the daffodil sighting at the Manor.

On this Mountain.

Victory, promise, reign, judgement,  nations, oracles, vision, stand with love, day of the Lord, reign of Peace, the messiah.

We are the eyes.

Make a feast for all people.

Visible sign, hand of the Lord, rest on the mountain, nations, removing the shroud, bringing comfort/make a feast.

We are the eyes.
Christ appeared.

Resurrection, raised on the third day, Christ died for us.

We are the eyes.

Mary Magdalene came to the tomb.

Stories of resurrection, John’s story, vivid, gripping, suspense, powerful emotions, earth story, roll the stone away, struggle, relationship, stood beside, risen, walk around.

We are the eyes.

I have seen the Lord.

Empty tomb, old story,  Easter story, the story, shout again.

We are the eyes.

We are the Seventh Day

We are the Seventh Day

The day of completion

Day of rest, time of pause, sabbatical

Memories of Ireland

We are the Seventh Day

God spoke these words

Moses,  two tables,  tent commandments, origin,  ark, covenant, Jewish, Christian, human life, order, structure, tree of life, tree of knowledge, Sinai

We are the Seventh Day

Remember the Sabbath

Beyond moral principles,  live before God, live with one another, love God, love neighbour, love self

We are the Seventh Day

It is written

Stand back, how faith looks, divine action, Christian Symbol, demonstration of God’s power, paradox, powerlessness, project salvation

We are the Seventh Day

Believe the word Jesus had spoken

Cleansing of the temple, seven signs, water into wine, grace, truth, identity, disciple

We are the Seventh Day

Be the Temple

Glimpse, challenge,  seek,  think,  deed, life, light,  whole story,  temple, open door, open way

We are the Seventh Day

We are the Whirlwind

We are the whirlwind.

I remember a whirlwind in Saskatchewan, it was a great big cloud, at first glance, the thought that was a rain cloud, that was so desperately needed at the time, at second glance, it was a brown dust cloud, rising 500 m or 1500 ft in the air.

Take Elijah up to heaven.

Gap, prophetic, continuity, transfer, spiritual leadership, era, succession in between times, flow of time. Constancy, infinite, finite humanity, faithful response, unknown, unknowable, departure, durable/ divine human encounter,  unrelenting time, lasting, everlasting.

We are the Whirlwind.

I will not leave you.

End of Elijah’s era, change is on its way, calls out in grief, vulnerability, Augustine time and eternity, God unbound, crossing the Jordan, always right time, not in bondage to any clock.

We are the whirlwind

Let light shine out of darkness.

Knowledge of God, reliable, pre-modern, postmodern, pure, objective, death and resurrection evil age coming to an end, catastrophe, apocalyptic, inaugurate, God’s realm reveal.

We are the whirlwind

Led them up a high mountain,

Who is Jesus, who are we, Elijah,  first, restore, John the Baptist Redivivus of Elijah.

We are the whirlwind.

This is Jesus, listen to him.

Transport us to many, Theophany’s, faith communities, safe places, members and seekers, Jesus identity,  discipleship, integrity.

We are the whirlwind.

We are the Blessing

We are the blessing.

We meet blessings every day of our lives, in the hidden corners and the centre of the road.

I remember my uncle Joe Mastandrea in Newmarket Hospital, on his death bed from cancer. Would you like to a prayer? He said yes, I will pray for you.

God met Abraham and Sarah in the centre of their road to proclaim, walk before me.

We are invited to walk with God in relationship, as people and the nations of the world, to redeem, to reconcile. We are invited to plant the promise of divine freedom and to receive and offer divine blessings.

Abraham and Sarah stood, come here and go away with grace.

A window to divine love and faith opened to faithfulness and restitution to declare in the barren valley the fertile crossroad.

I will bless you to be a blessing.

To be the covenant and commandment, in Israel and the world.

I will bind you in history to restore humanity, with your ancestors and descendants to bring justice.

The particular justice to deal with humanity by the mighty hand and outstretched arm, to acknowledge the blameless gift, to be the numerous peace of deliverance and hope.

Paul proclaims the promise of Abraham is the hope that rests on grace.

The traditions, the gift for the children of Abraham is the promise of God for all the nations.

Jesus, the child of Abraham and Sarah, began to teach.

In the question and answer the hinge marking life today and the urgency to heal the diseased, disabled, and the troubled people.

He fed, walked, stood up to criticism, reached out. “Who do you say that I am?”

For those who lose their life will save it.

Peter’s rebuke is human thought, power and might, of the crown of the person.

Deny self, take up the cross, confront the Romans, be a disciple speak messiah.

God with us now, the kingdom of heaven planted in our heart today.

We are the Bow

We are the bow

Bent or arched

We are the bow

The bow is seen in the clouds

Flood story, uncreation, preserve,  remnant, re-establish, cosmos, flood, humanity, disorder, order, violence, polluted the earth, destroy, the destroyers, drown in watery, chaos, sealed covenant

We are the bow

Establish my covenant with you

God, new covenant, postflood, descendants,  new agreement, the law of tooth and claw,  boundaries, God sets, war bow, see it, remember, restraining order, remember the vow

We are the bow

God waited patiently in the days of Noah

Community, salvation, imprisoned, baptism, ark of hope, household, imperishable, suffering persevering

We are the bow

He saw the Heavens torn apart

Tempted, liminal space, thrust, society, confront norms, rite of passage/holding on letting go

We are the bow

And the Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness

Message, flesh, bones, kingdom of God, repentance, sound, God smell,  lent listeners

We are the bow

We are the Hearers

Have you not heard?

Invited, contemplate, relation, humanity, magnitude, God’s power, weaves, threads, tapestry, mark off the heavens, dust of the earth, arms of strength, drop from a bucket, fine dust on the scales, circle of the earth, words of hope, grasp God’s power, wait for the lord, renew their strength

We are the hearers

The LORD shall renew their strength

First glance, stand up, powerful Lord, world moves, filled with riches, spoken, hearers, constancy, flower of the field, exiles, captivity, scattered, laid to waste, refugees, longed for Jerusalem, by the rivers of Babylon

We are the hearers

I may make the gospel free of charge

Performing, God, given, task, prophetic, proclaim good news

We are the hearers

He came and took her by the hand and lifted her up

Synagogue, the house, Jesus leaves, disciples, the house of Simon, Jesus grabs the woman’s handraised her up, expression, paschal evocation

We are the hearers

She began to serve them
Everyone is searching

Jesus prays, deserted, tempted,  time of searching,  Jesus prayer, precious moments, everyone is searching,  temptation,  choose between healing and preaching

We are the hearers

We are the Voice

We are the voice

More than words

Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris.

Amanda Gorman.

Hear the voice of the Lord

Moses death, prophet, face to face, liberation, mediator, YHWH, mountain fire, speak to Israel afraid of fire

We are the voice

Raise up a prophet

One who is called,  one who calls,  moral ethical agent, summon,  people, covenant, participation, hope,  promise, revelation, encounter, actions, justice and mercy

We are the voice

Known by God

Knowledge, worshipping idols, taboo, idolatry, preliminary, ultimacy, society and culture, we know that all of us possess knowledge, worship, philosophy, knowing, God

We are the voice
Be silent come out of him

Fishers, kingdom campaign, inviting, notice, great ones, desolate places, far away, kingdoms of this world, model, gospel, synagogue,  house,  the leper, paralytic,  publican
We are the voice

A new teaching–with authority!

Unnamed sick person, unclean spirits, medicine, magic, cure, miracle, Jesus teaching, astonishing, speaking, healing, Jesus speak,  powerful, performative, words infused with power, new teaching,  new preaching,  now, not  just information.

We are the voice

We are the message. I will make you fishers.

We are the Message

We are the message

Have you heard. Spread the word.

A child is born, a person dies, a stranger needs help

Knock on doors, once Paul revere said, “The British are coming”

Vaccine is coming, prepare

Proclaim the Message

Jonah, God’s summons, go, Nineveh, stormy sea, reluctantly, mission, forty days, prophet, human response, call of God, deflect, deliver, call to Israel, Gentile Ninevite

We are the message

A three days walks

Reversals, human, divine, save, flee, stormy sea, persist, prevail, protest, rescinds, authority, reprieve, feel compassion, human desire, sin, God’s mercy

We are the message

The present form of the world is passing away

Relationships, rise, time, grown short, this world, passing, mourn, rejoice, buy, sell, give,

We are the message

The time is fulfilled

Beginning, proclamation, creates, work of Christ, good news, declaration, God’s victory, liberation, restoration, reconciliation, miracles, casting out demons, trajectory, return,

We are the message

I will make you fish for people

Follow, fishing for people, new identity, fish for people, promise, discipleship, identity, Jesus teaching, rebuking unclean spirits, search for Jesus, in the shadow, lives unfold,

We are the message

We are the listening moment

We are the Listening Moment

We are the listening moment

Sheer silence
The COVID miracle – I run, run, run, and pray 16 km five days a week

It is the sound of silence

The word of the Lord

Epiphany, manifestation, child Samuel,  filled with wisdom, divine call, human response, sacred service

We are the listening moment

Speak, for your servant is listening

Call of God, prophetic, delayed recognition, God’s voice, spiritual intimacy, divine urgency, God knows my name, immediate response, summoned, vocation, course of action

We are the listening moment

Become one Spirit with God

Faithful living, marriage, food for thought, intimacy, respect, dignity

We are the listening moment

Follow me

Call of the disciples, flesh and blood, incarnation, paradox, identity, invitation, thirsty, hungry, messiah, Nazareth

We are the listening moment

You will see heaven opened

Jesus and people/ good news/ discipleship/ speak about jesus/ life in the congregation/ life in community/ speak along the way/ live into the testimony/ Christology/ relationship/ braided journeys

We are the listening moment

A new year. Let us be the light!

We are the Light

We are the light

Spelunker- first light, first day, first breath

In the beginning

Creation, manifestation dependence, character of God, actions

The first day

Climax, creation ex nihilo, creation out of nothing, humans, divine image,  imago dei, creative word

Creation, void, dark deep, creation is God

We are the light

Receive the Holy Spirit

Alexandrian Jew, baptism of John, John Repentance, spoke in Tongues, prophesied

We are the light

Baptized by the River Jordan

Indispensable, drama, intentions of God, human nature, preacher, prophet, promise, expectation

We are the light

A Voice came from heaven

Heavens, open, transfigure, discipleship, taste and see, God word, song, sacrament, bask in love.

We are the light

We are the Crown

We are the crown

You shall be a crown of beauty

Salvation, song of the vineyard, watch tower, justice, cries of distress, harvest of justice, shoots garden, spring

We are the crown

He has clothed me with garments of salvation

Vindication, restoration, new name, mouth of the Lord, promise, a new thing, sing a new song, new heaven and new earth, destruction of Jerusalem, promise of new beginnings

We are the crown

God has sent the Spirit

God’s grace, redeeming, good news, redemptive action

We are the crown

A pair of turtle doves

Fulfill the letter of Jewish law, family bringing, new born child, to the temple, to make a sacrifice, mark a birth, consecrate a child

We are the crown

The child grew and became strong

Child of promise, obligation to care, all children are a gift to the world, create a society, positive regard for struggling parents

We are the crown

Take your stand, Love Wins

We are the Star

We are the Star – convergence of Saturn and Jupiter

Take your stand

Take your stand, saved, hold firm, the word

We are the star

A shoot shall come

A shoot, stump, Jesse, spirit, knowledge, delight. Justice for the poor, wolf live with the lamb, knowledge of God

We are the star

Stand and shepherd

Ancient, stand, strength, live, be our peace

We are the star

The word became flesh

The word, became flesh, among us, testify, light, the voice, in the wilderness

We are the star

God sent Gabriel

Gabriel, greetings

We are the star

Do not be afraid

Shepherds, angel, appeared, do not be afraid, good news, born, saviour, swaddling clothes, heavenly host, manger, peace

We are the star

Go to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph, spread the word, child

We are the star

Saw a star

Where is the child, saw the star, opened their treasures

We are the star

Return to their country by another route

We are the star

We are the Home, Merry Christmas, Love Wins!

We are the Home

We are the home

I will appoint a place for my people

Bring the threads, saga, peace, stability, build a house for God, build a house of him, God’s presence overflows from the temple, prevenient grace

We are the home

I will plant the people

Meets the eye, Babylonian captivity, there was no rest, no house, no king, the lament, God’s presence

We are the home

God strengthens us

Start with God, end with God, benediction, revelation, mystery, kerygma,  paranesis, who is God, God is able, God’s actions, God’s doing, God is a verb, thy will be done

We are the home

The Angel Gabriel was sent by God

Mary, annunciation, incarnation, angel Gabriel, favoured, perplexed, thoughtful, afraid,  submission, blessed one, called by God, God bearer, Mary’s election

We are the home

Do not be afraid, you have found favour with God.

Holy inbreaking, messenger, bright column of light, nothing will be impossible, being favoured by God, God chooses Mary, the magnificat,  Reign of Justice, Mary response, wellspring of living water

We are the home

Good news, liberty to the captives

We are the Word

We are the word


Agora – the Library in Alexandria

Robarts Library

My library as a child. My father planted the book seed in my heart

Like a silver tongue of old, where the words come alive when we bring breath to our voice

The Spirit of the Lord is upon us

Salvation, mission, healing, liberty, release, comfort

We are the word

Good news liberty to the captives

Year of the Lord’s favour,  jubilee year, debts wiped away, freed, fields in fallow, land returned, original owners, restored, abundant garden, nations of the world, recognition, deliverance promise, new Jerusalem, living, being, missional

We are the word

Pray without ceasing

Live in light, imminent, expectation, Christ’s return, tradition, affirming, positive, beloved, nurse tenderly caring for her own children

We are the word

John testified to the light!

Testify, light of the world, word, logos, human, walked, John and Jesus, sent by God, witness, God within, temporal, cosmos, embodied God, loving kindness and Justice

We are the  word

The voice in the wilderness

Hope, relationship, God is now, God comes to us, God within, Living pages of the dead sea scrolls, listeners

We are the  word

We are the quilt, who cries, YOU BELONG!

We are the Bee

We are the Bee


Comfort, o comfort my people

God’s judgement, grace, forgiveness, almighty, omnipotent, love, hope, amidst disaster, uncertainty, exile, homecoming, cities lie in waster, desolate, without inhabitant, houses without people, emptiness, the land

We are the Bee

A voice cries.

Message, comfort, promise, redemption, community, deceive, reveal, prepare the way

We are the Bee

Waiting for hastening the coming of the day of God.

Time, the when, return of Christ, waiting, expectation, GREAT EXPECTATIONS

We are the Bee

See I am sending my messenger

Siege, peace, anxious, neighbours, fear, loyalists, symbol, good news, beginning, messiah

We are the Bee

The one is coming is more powerful

John’s call, repent, ears, listen, longing, temptation, linger, Jesus grew up, gift to anticipate, one who is to come, present moment

We are the Bee

We are the mountain, awakened to be the “Yes” for today!

We are the Mountain

We are the Mountain

My first mountain moment  

Whistler mountain in Jaspar, Mountains have memories, human memory, geological memory

The Mountains would quake

Character, redeeming, maker, deeds, divine, deliverance, rescue, visible, tear, open, heavens, come down, bring fire, earth quake,  tremble, God’s presence

We are the Mountain

We are the clay, you are the potter

God belongs, take hold, become, again, protection, awakened, receive again, calling, God’s people, hiding, seeking, yes

We are the Mountain

God  will also strengthen you

Intimate, relationship, God, community, witness, Jesus our brother, our Lord, our ancestor, our beloved, enlightened, living out the faith, en lo cotidano/testimony

We are the Mountain

But in those days, after that suffering

Futures, apocalyptic scene, predictions, God in our time, coming in clouds.

We are the Mountain

Beware, keep alert; for you do not know when the time will come

Signs, rule, arrived, already, not yet, realm of God, life in the realm

We are the Mountain


We are the Four Winds of welcome to the stranger.

We are the Four Winds

We are the Wisdom

We are the Wisdom

The wisest person I have ever known, my Aunt Mary (born in Italy, my dad’s oldest sister)

Told me a story of carrying a candle on a Vigil in Italy

At that time Deborah,  was judging Israel.

Judge, Deborah, wise, raising up, faithful, leader, deliver, futile, deliverance, return, downward, spiral, moral, anarchy,  sobering, journey, inability, inhabit, exhibit, social vision of Torah

We are the Wisdom

Go, take position

Weaves, what was right, in their own eyes, moral chaos,  lack, strength, apology, rise, kingship, justification, centralized rule, observation, doing,  habits, unfaithfulness, political instability

We are the Wisdom

The day of the Lord will come

Day, wakefulness, multivariant, day of  the lord, Parousia, children of light,  children of the day, belong to the day,  keep awake, imagination, framing, relationship, identity, ontological

Christ as day or dawn, soul to life

We are the Wisdom

The person with five talents traded with them immediately

Talents, gifts, skills, resources, divine economy, bury, reveal, return, the future, meets the present, God has done, God will do

We are the Wisdom

For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance

Greatest treasure, greatest talent, stewardship, fertile, the word, good news, relationship, breaks, break through, go, make,  disciples, life changing treasure, knowing of a treasure, God is sovereign, indifference, hidden treasure, buried treasure, abundance

We are the Wisdom

We are the wisdom. We bring the left and right of our abundance.

We are the Witness

We are the witness. For everything there is a season,

We remember to gather . 

I remember being the Chaplain of the Legion in Hearst Ontario.

The year, November 1989, 300 people marched from the arena to the Cenotaph at City Hall, there were many who were veterans that day.

We remember, long ago our ancestors. Today we hear in the Joshua text,

Renewal, covenant, relationship, affirmation, identity. commitment of service.

Today we hear, threshold, miracles, ancient memory to serve.

Today we hear, the covenant obligation to choose, beyond fear, incline the heart, to serve, and obey the Lord. Today we hear the call to serve the Lord, affirmation, loyalty, witness, write, words on the heart,  delivered, accountability, hearing, writing, the book of the law, Today we hear the stone of witness.

Today we hear, be informed about the Parousia, coming, advent, judge, curiosity, speculation, end times/now times. Today we hear about the early church. 

Today we share in glory that we encounter.

Today we hear, the wise took flasks of oil with their lamps, 

Telling of Jesus, how to live. Today we hear that there will be wars, there will be persecutions, and heaven and earth shaken.

Today we hear at midnight there was a shout!

The essence is timing, timelessness, faith, love, beyond procrastination, active discipleship. Today we are witness to the ticking of the clock, renew priorities, active waiting in hope, right time, right now, messiah comes.

We are the witness.

We are the Saints

A Saint takes the broken as they are.
My friend Roy Robson, 87 years old, a painter, a musician, a teacher. A companion, who, takes me as I am, wherever we go.
Then there is Edna Mathews, 95 years old, knits hundreds of hats, mitts, and scarves, still drives, and manages her own home.
Finally, Mutya, a mother from the Philippines, brought three children to sponsor, then there was an oops. A daughter with a daughter.

We are the saints. In the writings of Revelation, there was a great multitude, white robes before the sacred throne. God heard the cries of the people, in the voice of oppression. God heard the fear in the vision of the people. These are they who have come out of the great ordeal.

These are they who heed the warning, follow the ways of God. These are they who meet the unjust world order beyond the Pax Romana. God with us, in the face of dethroned Caesar. These are they who inspired hope for a better world, heaven on earth. Salvation is now for people at the edge, to renew, to change, to care for the earth. These are they who meet the suffering in the life, to mend, to heal, and restore. 

We are they, we are the children of God. We are they to be instruments of God’s creative love and forgiveness. Love is the word, give us strength, to encounter hardship, as children of God. We are of God, assured of freedom, become, God with us,

God with us who proclaims “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

It is the sermon on the mount. The place of purpose, ministry, character of the kingdom, communion of saints. Jesus mountain, echoes Sinai, receive the live, live the law of love.

Live and be the authority of kingdom of heaven now.  

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Teresa of Avila a maker, a saint of today. .

We are the saints, the makers of today.

We are the Herald to mend the broken

We Are God’s People

We are God’s people

I know you by name

Revelation, known,  enlightenment, authority,  miracle, foot of the mountain, wilderness

We are God’s people

My presence will go with you

Human desire, inquiry, yearning, knowledge, quest for God, self-understanding, God in Exodus, self, real, roots, find favour, recognition, God’s character, God identity, human identity, destiny

We are God’s people

The word of God sounded forth from you

Personal, encounter, expectations, give thanks, advent, remembering, labour of love, creator, heaven, earth, turned to God, living God, service, free humanity, faith,  hope, love

We are God’s people

Teach the way of God

Difficult, nature, relation, obedience, to the state, to God, civil religion, ethos, politics, Jesus, coalition of surrogates, name truth, tribute Caesar vs God

We are God’s people

Give to God the things that are God’s

Conscience, tapped, rendering, silent, face of Wars, torture,  marriage for all, choice of women marijuana now, what to expect, actions of justice,  faith in action, called to humanity

We are God’s people

We are the people, God knows us by name. Called to kick ass today.

We Are the Grace

We are the Grace

Be the open door, the porch at the Manor

God is bringing you

Good land, flowing, springs, waters, hills and valleys

We are the Grace

God leads through the wilderness

Land of olives and honey, stones are iron, eat, take care, keep commandments, eat, build,

Through wilderness, remember God

We are the Grace

Sow bountifully, reap abundance

Sparingly, bountifully, give, mind, compulsion, cheer, give, blessings, share, work, with poor, scatters, generosity, thanksgiving, render, testing, grace

We are the Grace

Jesus, have mercy on us

On the way, region between lepers, keeping their distance, mercy, go and show, made clean, praise God, get up and go

We are the Grace

Get up and go on your way

And he was Samaritan, the unlikely, the chosen to be, The return, your faith made well

We are the Grace

We are the Grace. Be the open door, the porch at the Manor.

We Are the Sabbath

The year was 2011. 60 on Pilgrimage, three Sabbath  Friday, Saturday and Sunday

God Spoke these words

Challenge, commands, preach the commandments, preach the gospel, do not engage in war, your sins are forgiven, proclamation, risk, courage YES

We are the Sabbath

Remember the Sabbath

Attitude, commands, forgive, command, radical, heart of good news, name mangled human nature,seek God’s healing

We are the Sabbath

Become like Christ

Reflection, life, transforming, Saul to Paul, observance,gift of the Torah, conversion, before and after, take on, liberation, freedom, partners, with creator  of the universe, covenant

We are the Sabbath

Listen to another parable

Parable, guiding, reflection, unlock, unhinder, the reign of Christ

We are the Sabbath

The Stone has become the chief cornerstone

The stone, build up, removes pride, prejudice, sin, selfishness, greed, guilt, equip us with love, peace, patience,  kindness, generosity,  faithfulness, self control, “The world you desire comes not by chance but by change.

Strive to live together, peace

We are the Sabbath

We Are the Water

I remember a 20 km cattle drive in the month of July, all we had was a Canteen of warm water, it was delicious

Give us water

Is God with us? Read in the bible, experience, in the desert. Are we alone?

We are the Water

Strike the Rock

People made demands of Moses, out in the desert,  beyond the wilderness, no water in sight, give us water to drink! We feel so abandoned or alone or despondent, we find God beside us.
We are the Water

Make my joy complete

Speak the intensity, testing in extremes, strategy, communicate with urgency, kenotic, participation in the spirit, consolation from love, fellowship, compassion, sympathy, koinonia.

We are the Water

Go in the work today.

Seek to understand, enter the city on a donkey the day before, the temple the centre of religious life.

We are the Water

Going into the kingdom

Engaging Jesus,  identity, call to faith, bear witness to Jesus, call us to join the people at the edge

We are the Water

We are the water of courage.

We Are the Bread

Learned to make bread from scratch in Grade 6 Home Economics Class

It starts with yeast/ then Harrington Harbour

I am going to rain bread from heaven

God Provides for needs., Manna Is Not Enough, grumbling,  complained,  lamented,  God’s deliverance,  freedom from fleshpots,  fill of bread

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

The Lord heard your complaining

Fleshpots, liberated, relationship with God,  griper,  murmurings,  rain bread,  gather for the day,  6th day, 7th day the Sabbath day,  fill of bread in the morning,  salvation in the Exodus,  manna, glory of God

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

Live your life in a manner worthy of the gospel

Eager expectation,  hope,  exalted body – soma,  hope for heaven,  comfort,  flesh,  fruitful labour, freedom

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

The usual daily wage

Early workers, left everything, follow, converts, relationship to Israel, perennial struggle,  lions share of God’s work, carry the weight,  what kind of God,  same reward

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

The last will be first

Work, out of work,  inferior, waited all day,  long hours of work, demanding jobs, secure necessities of life,  complaint of the day long workers, made them equal, God’s new order, unmaksing and envisioning, create possibility something new

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­We are the Bread

We are the bread, of hope.

We Are the Hand

Palm touching palm,  We are the Hand

The Angel of God was going before them

Escape, great promise, take on the world, prepared, emerge, encamped, surrounded, on the brink, way of faith

We are the Hand

Moses stretched out his hand over the sea

Alone, self-determined, the story, deliverance, harden hearts, purpose,  reveal, humanity, presence

We are the Hand

God welcomes all

Judgement, weak, strong, pivotal, protects, fellowship, controversy, issues, passionate, confused, uniting

We are the Hand

How often should I forgive?

Theological,  nature of God,  time to forgive,  servant,  brewing,  perennial,  quest, Forgive always

We are the Hand

Forgive seventy seven times

Story, shock, startle, awakens, consequence,  gratitude, ridiculous, turn on, perspective of grace

We are the Hand

We Are the Day

The Lord Said to Miriam and Moses

Miracle, Exodus, God looked, God noticed, liberation, take action, crying oppressed, God Listens, set free.

We are the day

This Month shall mark the beginning of months

Groaning, proving, Moses,  shepherd,  keeping,  flock, rebellion, guide, slavery no more, confront power

We are the day

Owe no one anything, except to love one another

Owe love, Agape-Love of the other for the sake of God, identity, love defines attitude, love has two feet, love God, love neighbour, God has become the neighbour

We are the day

Listen to every word that you speak to each other

Jesus, life in the church, lead as a child, serve, boundless forbearance, forgive, nature of church, welcome me, welcome a child, each member, great value

We are the day

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.”

Forgive, teaching, restore, repent, reconcile, power, bind,  loose, care, divine identity, sense of Call, seek to care

We are the day

We Are the Fire

The Angel appeared in a flamer of fire

Miracle, Exodus, God looked, God took notice, God saw,  oppression,  suffering, God, Liberation

God observation,  Construction,  Moses, Action, Moses was groaning, slavery,  oppressed,  crying out to God, God set them free

We are the fire

The place on which you are standing is holy ground

Groaning,  providing, experience, shepherd, keeping, flock, rebellion,  Pharoah’s army, constructs of power, search for the God Mountain, led flock, hinder part,  Moses goes on pilgrimage,  warning sign, shepherding, seeking guidance

We are the fire

Let love be genuine

Ekklesia, community,  called out,  set apart,  mission, relation to the world,  narrative, way of living,  inner life, surrounding world

We are the fire

Jesus went to Jerusalem

the cross,  from that time on,  martyrdom,  misunderstanding,  confession, redeem,  climax, hope

We are the fire

For those who lose their life will find it

Transition, from that time on, dependent,  embarks, long journey,  passion,  launches suffering,  divine idenitity, fulfill divine missions,  nature or mission of Christ

We are the fire

We Are the Midwives

Call the midwives

Opening, exodus, potent, portents, people, chosen, relationship, become a nation, midwives, Shiprah and Puah, baby Moses, preserving life, set free

We are the Midwives

The Midwives feared God

Threat, king does not know, Joseph saved Egypt from famine, bearer of the God spirit, Joseph was great now forgotten, weak king, shallow leadership, strength is in retelling the heritage, equal footing, the king rejects God, panic, live under duress, force to be reckoned

We are the Midwives

Be the living sacrifice

Apostle, teacher, confession, voice, nature, life and death challenge, voice of faith, community, faith in action

We are the Midwives

Blessed are you

Peter, affirmation, foreshadow, prophet, Jesus, who am I? Messiah, teacher, son of David, Samaritan, other and us and all, woman at the well, today

We are the Midwives

I will give you the Keys of the Kingdom

Identity, authority, preaching, divine, revelation, binding, loosing, interpret, understand, wrestle with truth,  faith meets the world, tell no one, tell all

We are the Midwives


We Are the Preservers

We are the preservers

God sent me before you to preserve

The story, betrayal,  surprise, forgiveness/ tears/ shame/ open future

We are the preservers

 Joseph wept

Forgiveness, welcoming words, promise, new life, tears of joy, healing for the weary eye, promise of life and love

We are the preservers

The gifts and calling of God are here

Power, separate, together, chosen, new covenant

We are the preservers

 Listen and understand

The man born to be the promise, deliverance, silent words, God’s mercy

We are the preservers

 Let if be done for you as wish

Language, affirmation, humanity, radical grace, voice, inside the story, our story, truth

We are the preservers

dream boat 2

Here Comes the Dreamer

Seeking the dreamer

Origin, land of Canaan,  wandering, wilderness, destination, consequences, envy, roots, Joseph, hatred comes, shepherd, long robe, favoured status, dreams, bowing to the ground

Go now and see if all is well

Misery, offering, consequence, fugitive, wanderer on the earth, prohibited, violence, envy, desire, possessions, talents, violence, favoured position, unfair, purpose of God, envy, rebellion, Lord of the universe, God’s economy


The Word is near you, on your lips and in your heart

Wrestling with fate, Christ is the fulfillment of the law,reconcile us to God, uniting us with God.


Get into the Boat

God’s deliverance through waters, he came walking toward them on the sea, appearance of Jesus, in the storm


Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.

Lord save me, Jesus reached out his hand, why did Peter doubt?, a little faith is all that is needed, to transform/ terror becomes courage on the way


We Are the Wrestlers

We are the wrestlers

Wrestling with thought, life, day and night

Jacob wrestled till daybreak

Forgiveness, rehabilitation, crossing, a challenging river, nature of blessing,11 children, Leah and Rachel, wrestling with the road

We are the wrestlers

You have striven with God

Capitulates, violence, persistence, draw near to God, slake a thirst, compelling, restoration community, running toward his brother and weeping, gift of grace, baptism of desire divine recognition

We are the wrestler

I am speaking the truth in Christ

Paul’s existential struggles, steadfast mercy of God, reconciliation with God

We are the wrestlers

He withdrew from there in a boat

Miracle to gladden, trick with bread, spiritual power, hungry crowd, stranded, lonely are fed, craving for Christ, meal for the masses stones into bread

We are the wrestlers

He blessed and broke the loaves

Think nothing, yet possibilities are infinite, look up to heaven, give them something to eat, powerless no more, redemptive drama, teaching and miracle, Jesus story is the grand story.

 We are the wrestlers

We Are the Guarantee

We are the Guarantee

I will serve you seven years

Appears, journey, fleeing, threat, travelling, pivotal, encounters, birth, tribes of Israel

We are the Guarantee

Jacob loved Rachel

Treachery, failure, human plans, providence, narrative, affirmation, divine message, bethel, omnipotence, reversals, fortune’s, power, human love, reveal, God love

We are the Guarantee

The Spirit helps us in our weakness

Debtors, account, live,hope, hiddenness, relieve suffering, wait, patience, weight, salvation, for knowledge, calling,  response, action, living compassion

We are the Guarantee

The kingdom is like a net

Subversion, sorting, sorting, fish, God’s empire, mustard seed, preparation, fermenting, heaven, within the world

We are the Guarantee

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a merchant in search of fine pearls

Mustard seed, invades, soil, boundaries, something new, hidden within, give church, chance

We are the Guarantee

We Are the Ladder

We are the Ladder,

The angels were ascending and descending

Promise, rock for a pillow, awakes, fathers and mothers, standing above the ladder, God is at the top and bottom of the ladder, heaven and earth, theophany’s, meet at the top

We are the Ladder,

all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.

Dwells in you, spirituality unleashed, mysticism, seek unity, transcend, ill fated Icarus, fixing the spirit life

We are the Ladder,

When do the weeds come in

Seed, sown, disciples, challenges of planting,  the enemy, ecclesiology, anthropology

We are the Ladder,

Let anyone with ears listen

We are the ladder

Mixture of weeds, growing together, judgement at the end of time,  good and evil, faith and faithfulness, look at the hurting and impatient world, God’s realm completed, this realm thriving in us

We are the Ladder.

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