Have you ever thought of doing volunteer work at Manor Road but somehow haven’t got around to it?
Perhaps you’re not sure what kind of volunteer work there is or what would interest you. Perhaps concerns about the amount of time it would take and what, exactly, you would be expected to do as a volunteer might have caused you to pause.

JeweltblPeople who are already doing volunteer work will be one of the best sources of information. They can give you first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be part of a ministry team or to help out at a special event.

Volunteer opportunities are a great way to try something completely new in a supportive environment. If you don’t want to make a long-term commitment you can try a few occasional jobs such as helping out at coffee hour or being a Communion server.

Also, volunteer work can lead to making new friends, getting to know people better and at the same time feeling good about supporting your church and community, and developing your skills. Any help you give is always very much appreciated.

Below is a list of opportunities that may help you choose something that you feel happy doing and which suits your time constraints.

Sunday Morning Ministries

Sunday morning ministries are a great way to make a small commitment of time, yet be of great service to the church. You can volunteer to do any of these things on an occasional or monthly basis:

• greeting people as they arrive – before services
• ushering – during worship
• assisting with coffee hour
• counting the morning offering – after services
• serving communion – may include preparation, serving, and clean up
• reading scripture
• singing in the choir
• playing with the band
• creating & running Sunday morning video/power point presentations

Children’s Ministries Programs

If you like working with children helping with one of these programs may be for you:
• Sunday morning Children’s Worship
• Kids Night Out (Monthly, Friday evening)
• Children’s Choir
• Messy Church helper (Monthly, Friday evening)

Working on a Ministry Team

The amount of time and energy required for Ministry Team or Working Group membership really varies from year to year, and from group to group.
Working Groups & Ministry Teams:
• Executive Council
• Board of Trustees
• United Church Women (UCW)
• Worship and Music
• Pastoral Care
• Outreach
• Stewardship
• Tenants & Property
• Membership

Other Areas Where You Can Help:

• helping in the office – stuffing envelopes or folding bulletins
• photographer for special events
• helping with Special Events and fundraisers
• gardening
• miscellaneous repair projects – are you a handy man/woman?
• painting
• grounds and building check in summer months