Big G God

September 30, 2018
09-30-2018 Big G God

Wrestling with the Tricksters

September 23, 2018
09-23-2018 Wrestling with the Tricksters
09-16-2018 We’re Not Perfect (And That’s Perfectly Fine)

No Going Back

September 9, 2018
09-09-2018 No Going Back

Coffee stains on the Carpet

September 2, 2018
09 02 2018 Coffee stains on the Carpet

Zero waste, zero worry

August 31, 2018
Please use the following link to read the sermon: 08 26 2018 Zero-waste, zero-worry
“In the middle of the city, stands a tree, and it’s leaves are for the healing of the nations.” When I first came to Manor Road, our congregational logo was…

Coming Home to Love

June 17, 2018
As I get older, I’m privy to all the humour around getting old.  You’ve likely heard, the comment, “Of all the things that I have lost, it’s my mind I…
It is a pleasure to speak with you on this summer Sunday, where many of us that live in apartments are finally getting air conditioning, or we hear the ice…

A Liberating Spirit

May 6, 2018
She sees beneath the surface of things-- deeply intuitive, perceptive perhaps--but something is amiss. We might say she possesses or is possessed by an odd mix of gifted-ness and vulnerability.…