At Manor Road United Church we strive to make a positive impact in God’s world by working to support the needy, marginalized and vulnerable people both within our community and in the wider world.

Mission and Service

Manor Road United is an active supporter of the broader work of the United Church of Canada through its Mission and Service fund. Through the M&S fund we support ongoing education and mission work both in Canada and overseas, and respond generously to urgent action appeals made through the church to support those in crisis due to catastrophic events.

Teresa Group

The Teresa Group advances the dignity and well-being of children and families affected by HIV and AIDS. Over the last 25 years they have built a broad range of care and support services for children and their parents. They currently serve around 1,000 clients a year, including over 500 children in around 300 families.

Out of the Cold

The Out of the Cold program is an initiative that consists of congregations from faith groups, community members and volunteers from across the city. The program provides safe refuge, hospitality and emergency shelter to homeless people throughout the City of Toronto.  For 21 years Blythwood Road Baptist Church has welcomed homeless men and women into their church each Saturday evening from November to March, providing a safe place to stay overnight, two full meals and a social environment that is both accepting and compassionate.

Massey Centre

The Massey Centre is a children's mental health facility located in Toronto with a focus on the needs of pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children.  Offering a broad range of support services such as prenatal and postnatal care, housing, child care, education and maternal infant mental health support; ensuring each young mother learns how to care for her baby and develops the skills needed to build a successful life and relationship with her child.

The Alzheimer Society of Toronto

Over the years, Team Manor has raised thousands of dollars through their participation in and support of The Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s annual Walk for Memories. In addition to ongoing Outreach initiatives the congregation of Manor Road United Church often responds to need as it arises. For example, money raised from a bake sale went to a church in the Philippines rebuilding after a natural disaster. We have also organized support for an individual participating in a mission trip to Haiti. Our goal is to be a light in God’s world through service to others.

North Toronto Cluster of Churches

Manor Road United is a part of the North Toronto Church Cluster, a group of United Churches in North Toronto. We partner with each other, sharing resources and support, as we all grow in faith and ministry. 

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