We are a lively, inclusive and progressive

2 gaypride congregation located in the quiet but ever changing Davisville village neighbourhood of North Toronto. The Reverend Debra Schneider believes in nurturing a sense of community through the church, and encouraging relationships across the generations, and across cultures as an important focus. Worship at Manor Road aims to deeply ground us in our faith, and encourage and support us in living out its message in our daily lives. Rev. Debra is keenly interested in unfolding the deeper messages to be found in the scriptures that their truths might find their way into our lives. We believe in a God of love, hope, joy and compassion, who calls us to live in ways that reflect those qualities in our daily lives. UCWroses2 We aim to create positive relationships within the congregation as well as with members of our neighbourhood. We work at creating relationships that are open, supportive, respectful, kind, and sprinkled with laughter and good cheer! We have a strong focus on reaching out to offer support to more vulnerable members of our human family, both close to home and in other parts of the world. We believe in the God who works in us, and others by the Spirit to bring healing and wholeness to the world.

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  • Manor Road United Church
  • 240 Manor Road East
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • M4S 1R8
  • 416-483-0695

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