Shingle Fest Donations

As of today Friday, June 28th we have raised over $5500.

We are still accepting donations if you would like to participate.

Special Thanks go out to those who have donated to Shingle Fest already:

Alves, Rui
Bedford, Bruce
Beggs, Jennifer
Bigley, Joan
Bonnie Byford Real Estate
Brown, Norma
Calkins, B. & Mastandrea, JJ
Classic Signs
Consolidated Moving & Cartage Ltd.
Cranston, Ashley
Cumbrae’s – Alexander, Alek
Edwards, Ken
Fitzgerald, Kelly
Fogarty, Heather
Foley, Carol 
Fowler, Eila
Furrer, Hedi
Gaspar, John
Gaspar, Judy
Giordano, Ugo
Hay, Jenn
Humphrey Funeral Home
Hunter, Susan
Jacoby, Neil  & Brown, Karen
Johnson, Susan
Kauppinen, William
Kelman, Betty
Lorenz, Grant
MacKinnon, Doris 
Marcaccini, Allison & Tom
Overdune, Nick 
Panogakos, John
Perley, Michael
Piper, Ann
Reynolds, Don
Roth, James and Susannah
Russell, Mike and Susan S.R.
Smith, Carolyn
Williams, Dawn 
Wolskj, Alexis 
Wordie, Patricia
Yates, Lorna
Zeyl, Tim

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