New Minister Search Update

The congregation has begun the process to hire a new Minister who will begin when our current Minister, Rev. Debra Schneider, retires July 1, 2018.

We are following the hiring process outlined by the United Church of Canada.

The “MAP” process involves us stating the needs we have as a congregation in eight ministry areas so potential new Ministers can understand what Manor Road United is looking for. Janet Marshall from presbytery will lead us through the process and is a thoughtful and helpful consultant.

Thank you to our volunteers who have agreed to be part of the MAP group. We will meet twice in November and twice in January to complete the document. At each meeting, we aim to cover two of the ministry areas. After each meeting, we will ask our Children’s Ministry team (including one or two of our younger members!) to review the content to add any further input from their perspective. We will then share the content on the two ministry areas with the congregation for review and comment. At the end of the process, when we’ve covered all eight ministry areas, the MAP document will be approved at the Executive Council meeting in February and then sent to Presbytery to start the “” process. At that point, the Search committee will start their work of reviewing and interviewing candidates.

We’ll keep you updated on the process along the way, meanwhile if you have questions please reach out to Heather Fogarty or Suzi Morris who are overseeing the search process.

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